AT commands for 1670 CBM 1200bps modem

300/300      [6] Networklu Commodore Computer Conference
Konu:        1670 specs
Tarih:       May 16, 1997 02:28:00 (0 days old) (1845 bytes)
Gonderen:    David Cheshin @1:252/305 FIDOnet     
Alici:       Dave Lund @Echomail FIDOnet     

A Auto answer on
A/ Redo last command
D Dial number
P Pulse dial
T Tone dial
. Pause for 2 sec.
E0 Echo off
E1 Echo on
F0 Half duplex
F1 Full duplex
M0 Speaker off
M1 Speaker on during dialing only
M2 Speaker on (at all times)
Q0 Send response codes to screen
Q1 Do not send response codes to screen S (Set S registars with (Sn=#) veiw S registar with (Sn?) S0= 0 - Disable auto answer 1-n - Answer on the nth ring. S2= Set character to be used for escape code (default S2=43) S7= Setthe length of time (in seconds) for carrier detect V0 Make the modem messages appear in Terse (numeric values) V1 Make the modem messages appear in Verbose (words ie NO CARRIER) default setting
X0 Use standard response code set.
X1 Use extendec response code set.
Z Reset modem
+++ Escape code sequence

A note that if you have the 1670 with the 4 dipswitches then your auto answer is controled by one of the switches.

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