MPS1000 Printer Dip Switches

90/326       [6] Networklu Commodore Computer Conference
Konu:        Dip Switch settings needed..
Tarih:       Apr 10, 1997 00:53:58 (5 days old) (905 bytes)
Gonderen:    Clifford Adams @1:209/308.0 FIDOnet     
Alici:       Gary Ranchuk @1:246/109 FIDOnet     

Dip switch settings for the C=MPS1000 as follows:

     SW          Function                 ON        OFF      Factory Setting
   1-1      Print Mode Function         IBM      Commodore       OFF
   1-2      Device Select                5          4            OFF
   1-3      Buzzer                      Mute     Beep            OFF
   1-4      Controls Cut Sheet Feeder   Valid    Invalid         OFF
   1-5      NLQ/DRAFT Selection         NLQ      DRAFT           OFF
   1-6      Page Length                 12"      11"             OFF
   1-7      Paper End Detector        Inactive   Active          OFF
   1-8      Uni-Directional Printing   Valid     Invalid         OFF

The above settings are for Commodore Mode

If dip switch 1-1 is in ON position the printer is in IBM Mode.


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