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All the programs and papers on this page are Copyright © 1997-2000, NoŽl Danjou. All Right Reserved.

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I am the author of all the programs and papers on this page. You are free to download them and share them with your friends. Please note though that they all are copyrighted materials and must not be modified or sold. All your comments, questions and support of any kind are welcome. Contact me at

WinZip NowI recommend the use of WinZip 8.0 (or later) to uncompress all the compressed files. If you don't have it yet click on the picture below and download an evaluation copy. This piece of software is really worth to register.

If you are a webmaster you can download the Portable Application Description (PAD) for each of my programs. Just click the PAD links to download them.

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1. The papers were written using Microsoft Word 97. If you need a viewer please follow this link.
2. If the papers show inside your browser and you would prefer to save them on your disk, just press the Back button then right-click the link for the Word version and select Save As in the pop-up menu. You will be invited to enter a file name and select a destination folder.
3. If you get a dialog box that asks you for a password, just ignore it, you should get access to the file anyway. If you have problems with this, try the ZIP version, otherwise email me.
4. Click the main link or MS Word icon to open as a Word document, click WinZip icon to download as a ZIP file.
5. All the programs and papers on this page are copyrighted materials which means that you cannot redistribute them without the appropriate copyright notice or you cannot get credits for them. Thanks for your understanding.
6. If you want to support my work and send me some money please read the message just below. Thank you.

Please support my work...
Please support my work I am very glad that so many of you are interested and appreciate all my papers and my programs. I often get very nice messages by e-mail that tell me so. Thank you so much and please keep them coming.

I think that you can easily imagine that all the materials and tools on these pages, that I make freely available for download, represent hundreds of hours of work and researches during my weekends, holidays and spare times for the sole benefit of the Internet community, that is you.

I did that for many years now with much dedication I think, just like I take the time to reply as soon as possible and as accurately as possible to the tens of questions that I receive by e-mail each week. Everyone who knows me well, knows that I like to help people and that's what I try to do the best I can.

Now if you think that my work and my involvement have a real value and either my programs or my papers or both are useful to you, I would be very grateful if you accepted to send me $5.00 or more (any amount of your liking in US$ or FRF) for each material you use. If you want to register your copy of the DynSite program click here or click the Register Now button below.

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I often think about giving up so please give me a good reason to go on. If you agree with this and if you want to support my work, to help to pay for the fees to keep this website up, to help me replace some of my broken hardware (e.g. my dying big screen!) and to keep new updates coming, please send a traveller check or a cashier check or an international money order or any other mean that you think would be more appropriate along with a postcard of your area (optional but that would be nice) and your name and email address (so that I can say thank you) to my postal address:

29, rue Jean de la Fontaine
50320 Saint Jean des Champs

Thank you very much for your understanding and your support. NoŽl.

Papers and Technical References Special Report Network

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Download as a ZIP file Open as a MS Word Document Running a videoconference between two computers without Internet (vcnoinet.doc, 41KB) Updated!
Call a remote computer with the dial-up networking and run a videoconference without accessing the Internet. This paper was written for the Windows 9x operating systems.

Download as a ZIP file Open as a MS Word Document How to configure Windows NT and Windows 2000 to accept incoming calls (vcntnoinet.doc, 26KB)
This paper is a follow-up for the one above with further information for Windows NT4 and Windows 2000 users.
Please note that I never tried a videoconference between NT/2000 computers, if you try this with success please let me know.

Download as a ZIP file Open as a MS Word Document How to access the Web with a CompuServe account without using WinCIM (inetcise.doc, 34KB)
If you are a CompuServe member and you don't want to use WinCIM, here are the settings to do.

Download as a ZIP file Open as a MS Word Document How to create a movie with your videoconferencing camera? (rvmovie.doc, 32KB)
Create your own RealVideo movies and send them to your friends or publish them on your web site.

Download as a ZIP file Open as a MS Word Document How to get started with PGP V6.0.2 Freeware? (pgp.doc, 37KB)

Download as a ZIP file Open as a MS Word Document Absolute and relative paths (paths.doc, 35KB)
Learn how to use the absolute and relative notations for the paths inside your web pages.

Download as a ZIP file Open as a MS Word Document How to install a (still) webcam on your web site (webcam.doc, 36KB)
Download the associated samples here, (, 3.3KB)

Other papers

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Other sample projects to download

DynSite Screen ShotDynSite for Windows

[Windows 95/98/NT/2000] PAD

Requirement: Internet Explorer 4.01 or later.

DynSite iconDynSite will update your current dynamic IP address with one or many dynamic DNS services so that anyone can contact you (in NetMeeting, CU-SeeMe, etc.) or access your FTP server or Web site on your own computer using a DNS-like address (e.g., where myhost is a name of your choice) which will never change instead of using your IP address that changes each time you reconnect. Your friends or relatives will always be able to call you, whatever your IP address is, without needing to know it.
All you have to do is register with one of the supported free dynamic DNS services below and install DynSite for Windows.

Register DynSite now!

Download DynSite now:

Download Icon DynSite ( Updated!
Download:1320KB, ZIP file.
Version 1.08 (Build
Published: March 25, 2000.

This program is still in beta version. I welcome all feedback, bug reports, suggestions or support. Please give as many details as possible when send bug reports. For more information about using DynSite, right-click the DynSite icon in the systray and select Help / Read Me from the contextual menu. You are also invited to join the DynSite for Windows mailing list. Please click here to support my work

Thanks to all the people who already sent feedback. Please keep sending them to me. Click here to contact me regarding DynSite

Notes: if you have a previous version of DynSite installed on your computer please upgrade before attempting an uninstallation. After you upgraded to this latest version please check all your settings in Setup. Some registry keys have changed so some of your previous settings may have changed to default values. I also recommend once you upgraded and verified all your settings that you export your data and uninstall DynSite from the Control Panel. Once fully uninstall, reinstall DynSite and import your data. Beware Import/Export must be done with the same version of DynSite since the file format still changes between builds.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding DynSite please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions, I will update it regularly. If you cannot find an answer e-mail me.

DynSite for Windows mailing list

Stay up-to-date about the development of DynSite and the release of interim test builds. Join the DynSite mailing list now, just click the button below.

Join the DynSite mailing-list

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Supported free Dynamic DNS Services

DynSite actually supports the dynamic DNS services listed below. If you want other free sevices to be supported in DynSite please send me their URL and I will consider adding them.

At Stomped
Dark Technologies
Domain Host Services
Dynamic DNS
Dynamic DNS Network Service
Nicolas' Internet Service
Open Domain Server
TechnoSite Exchange

DynSite V1.09 (final beta) PAD

(Shareware US$15.00+) Please click this green button to register: Register DynSite now!

Summary of changes in the current build:

  • added an option to store the settings system-wide (i.e. under HKLM)
  • updated management of hosts on hold
  • fixed a problem with message files, they were sometimes not saved
  • many minor changes

(please read history.txt for more information on previous updates.)

As usual your feedback are welcome. Thanks. Please click here to support my work

Download DynSite now:

If your prefer a self-extracting file, click here.

Download Icon DynSite ( Updated
Download: 828KB, ZIP file.
Version 1.09 (Build
Published: July 22, 2000.

Plug-Ins Updates

Note: once the new plug-ins below are downloaded, copy them into the DynSite folder and restart the program so that the new version can be taken into account.

6/12/2000: click here to download an updated version of myip.dns.
FIX: this new version of the MyIP plug-in should fix a problem with the one distributed in DynSite build Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

6/12/2000: click here to download the new AtStomped.dns plug-in. (AtStomped)

6/14/2000: click here to download an updated version of dhs.dns.

6/24/2000: click here to download the new DynDNSdk.dns plug-in. (DynDns.DK)

7/3/2000:†click here to download the new thebbs.dns plug-in. (

7/7/2000: click here to download the new nsca.dns plug-in. (

7/8/2000: click here to download an updated version of dyndns.dns (added new domain names)

Register DynSite now!


[Windows 95/98/NT/2000] PAD

Media Checker iconMediaChecker will help you check all your media (fixed or removable like diskettes, zip, magneto-optical disks, or CD-R,...) and ensure that all your precious data that you store on them are safe and can be accessed successfully.
The latest versions can now run on older systems with just Internet Explorer 3.0.
The update fixes a problem with partitions larger than 4GB.

Completely FREE Software Award

Download Icon MediaChecker ( New!
Download:134KB, ZIP file.
Version 2.0 (Build
Published: July 7, 2000.

Media Checker Screen Shot

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Programming Sample Source Code

Drop Target for URL w/ MFC

[Windows 95/98//NT/2000 - MSVC++ 6.0/MFC]

This sample shows how to turn a CListBox into a drop target (COleDropTarget) for Uniform Resource Locators (URL) (e.g. links that you drag from Internet Explorer and that you drop over the listbox.)

Download Icon URL Drop Target w/ MFC (
Download:14KB, ZIP file.
Published: February 22, 1999.

URL Screen Shot


Patch for ICQ98/99/2K (NetMeeting calls not working)

[Windows 95/98/NT/2000] PAD

ICQ Fixer iconICQ Fixer will patch the registry with the correct settings so that you can place a NetMeeting call to someone else using ICQ. Actually ICQ says something like "you have called your own computer". This is due to incorrect settings in the registry for ICQ. This patch should correct this. The latest version also adds Network Address Translation (NAT) support for Windows NetMeeting.

V1.02: added a IP Telephony group key for ICQ2K.

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Download Icon ICQ Fixer ( Updated!
Download: 82 KB, ZIP file.
Version 1.02 (build
Published: May 2, 2000.
ICQ Fixer Screen Shot

Note: you can learn more about the NetMeeting and ICQ programs by visiting the Microsoft NetMeeting and the Mirabilis ICQ sites. For additional information and workarounds please visit this Mirabilis web page, The Windows NetMeeting Zone by Robert Scoble and MeetingByWire by Brian Sullivan.

Reflector Database Manager

[Windows 95/98/NT/2000] PAD

Reflector Database Manager allows you to manage in a simple way a list of reflectors for use by White Pine Enhanced CU-SeeMe. You can easily add, update or delete reflectors from a list file. You can maintain different lists and regenerate an updated nickname.ini file for use by Enhanced CU-SeeMe. You can also drag a reflector from the list and drop it on your desktop to create a quick link.

Download Icon Reflector Database Manager (
Download: 1179KB, ZIP file.
Published: June 17, 1999.
Reflector Database Manager Screen Shot

Note: This piece of software is in early stage, please email me for bug reports, comments and ideas.

Applications and Drivers

AMCap: A video capture application

[Windows 95/98/NT/2000]

AMCap is a small yet fully functional video capture application. It is a program much like Microsoft VidCap. It is based on the sample Capture code from the DX Media 6.0 SDK. I added a little feature that I was requested to toggle the caption, the menu, and the status bar on and off, so that only the video shows in the window. To toggle this option, just press the F11 key. While in the "no caption" mode, click the window frame and keep the left button down to drag the window.

Download AMCAP now

Download Icon AMCap (
Download:17KB, ZIP file.
Version 1.0a (Build
Published: April 21, 2000.
AMCap Screen Shot

Applications and drivers for the ADD-X PCTV2 frame grabber

[Windows 95/98 only]

The ZIP file contains:

  • AVS 2.11. A software that controls the integrated TV tuner.
  • A Video for Windows capture driver. It will enable you to use your PCTV2 with any pieces of software compatible with Video for Windows. These drivers have been tested with many Internet Videoconferencing programs (e.g. Cornell University CU-SeeMe, White Pine Enhanced CU-SeeMe and Microsoft NetMeeting 2.0 and Microsoft VidCap.)
  • An audio driver. It will let you play your audio files (but the midi ones : the PCTV2 has no integrated synthesizer) and the audio part of your movie files (AVI, MPEG, etc.) You will also be able to record the sound from the integrated tuner, a microphone or an external audio-visual source (camcorder, VCR, ...)
  • A 32-bit TWAIN data source. It should work with any hardware (not only ADD-X PCTV) with a Video for Windows capture driver. This driver has been tested with PaintShop Pro V3.12 (32-bits.)

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Download Icon Applications and drivers for PCTV2 (
Download: 438KB, ZIP file.
Published: December 24, 1996.
AVS Screen Shot

Note: all the programs and drivers in this package are neither final releases nor supported but you can get help from me by email if you encounter any problems.

Other sample projects to download


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