Please note that, this is not new. A few people already have C64 Tower computers. Some of them are self-built, and others are bought from PPI company. And also I heard that, an electronics shop/firm makes this modification in Istanbul/Turkey. But I guess many of the towers I mentioned above use the original power supply, not the power supply of the tower case.

  In this modification, I have used tower's supply for c64, 1541, and a few experimental devices. Currently I have two keyboard solution for C64 Tower. One of them uses original keyboard with some interfaces and a easy-to-find switch-box cable. The other solution uses an AT type PC keyboard. You can find these documentations in the hardware section of these pages.
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Solution to Keyboard Problem :

For using an AT-keyboard with C64 you need this program, which has little compatibility problems.
the program for normal use : at-keyb.exe
the program for lunix : atkeyb.exe
documentation : at-keyb.txt
doc. for lunix : atkeyb.txt
uuencoded prg. : at-keybuue.txt
uuencoded prg. : atkeybuue.txt

With these boot utility for C128, a C128 can be booted up with AT-keyboard driver loaded in C64 mode.
the boot utility : autoatkey.exe
the binary driver code : atkeyboard.exe
uuencoded utility : autoatkeyuue.txt
uuencoded binary : atkeyboarduue.txt

AT Keyboard Test Routine : A step to use an AT keyboard. After building the interface, you can test it with this program:
The document : keybchk.html
The binary : keyb-check.exe
The binary for lunix : keybchk.exe
Uuencoded binary : keyb-checkuue.txt
Uuencoded for lunix : keybchkuue.txt


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