This page is about to supplement of technical information for C64/C128 hardware and software. Some of the documents are my original writings, but the others are from the varios sources, such as discussions, manuals or other computers' documents.


  Communication Related


  OS Related

  • GEOS Desktops : Description of available Desktops for GEOS 64 & 128. From the discussions in Usenet.

  • proposal for LUnix manuals : Here I proposed to use standard way of preparing manual pages for unix-like OSes, such as ACE, LUnix, and OS/A65. I coded two commands 'addman' and 'mann' to handle these man pages.



  • GEOcable : This is the wiring schema for using a parallel (centronics) printer with GEOS, ACE, and other gecable supporting applications.

  • NullModem Cables : Varios nullmodem schemas for varios platforms (it's detailed from the one in hardware section) .




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Last update: May 25, 1999

Ilker Ficicilar
Physics Department - Middle East Technical University