In this page, you will find some useful hardware projects and documentation about construction of add/ons for C64/C128. Including AT-keyboard and PC-mouse projects.


 C64 Tower
 This Tower-64 project gives the details of putting a C64 computer and peripherals into a PC tower case.




 RS-232 Interfaces

  Different RS232C serial port schematics are located here. The main concern is the simple nature of them. There will be some multi-port schematics soon. I'll also include the simplyfied and improved Datapump schematics either.

  • Simplest 2400bps interface : This interface uses only one IC and very few wirings. You can build it in minutes. It is the cheapest method I guess.

  • 2400bps interface with rts/cts : Addition of some wires to above interface make it capable of rts/cts flow control.

  • 9600bps interface with rts/cts : Using the 9600bps hack of Daniel Dallman, and modifying presented simple interfaces, this high throughput interface can be constructed. It still use one easy-to-find IC, but wirings are a little bit confusing.

  • C64 icin rts/cts'li 9600bps user port arabirimi : (Turkish version of the above) Daniel Dallman'in yuksek hiz hilesini kullanarak C64 ile 9600bps'e C128 ile de 19200 cikabilir. Ucuz ve kolay bulunur bir entegre kullandigi icin yapimi zor degil.

  • Building Null-Modem Cables : Wiring schemes for different null-modem cables are documented here. This cables are used to transfer data between any two computers, such as C64-C64, C64-PC, PC-Amiga, C64-Amiga, Mac-Amiga,... any combination is Ok.


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    Last update: May 17, 1999

    Ilker Ficicilar
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